Study! But at which university?

Higher education institutions in Poland are ten a penny. Public or private, University or Academy, Wroclaw or Warsaw, computer science or sports? We help you to find the university that is just right for you.
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    Studying in Poland made easy

    Questions over questions: what do I want to major in? What kind of colleges are there? How can I apply? Can I study one semester abroad? We´ll help you to get rid of all the doubts and unclarities.
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    That´s how you can finance your study!

    With or without study fees, studying in Poland is getting more and more expensive. But don’t panic, you are not on your own when it comes to financing your studies. We tell you how and where you can receive financial support.
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    Welcome to Poland!

    When coming to Poland, there is a lot to organize: You need to find a place to stay, take care of your insurance and a bank account and apply for a visa, if necessary. But don’t worry! If you prepare your stay carefully, that’s no problem at all.
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