Study in Belgium


When you are coming to another European country, make sure to be properly insured. There are certain rules concerning your health insurance you will have to consider. It is also highly advisable to take out liability insurance.

Health Insurance

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If you already have health care insurance you should check if this insurance still covers you when abroad. A general travel insurance may also be a good idea. Some of the European and national scholarships include both kind of insurances.

Health Insurance is compulsory for all International students. Medical expenses can cause major financial problems for students and that is why we wish to stress the importance of this issue.

You are a national from one of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss

Since June 2004, nationals from one of the EEA countries or from Switzerland can obtain a European Health Insurance Card which allows them to receive medical care in all member states of the EEA and in Switzerland. This card is available in your home country, at your local Health Insurance Agency.

The European Health Insurance Card guarantees that your medical costs will be refunded immediately or soon after your return home.

As a general rule, the European Health Insurance Card only covers emergency medical care (E.g. breaking a leg, loosing a tooth, catching the flu) or continued treatment that cannot be interrupted (E.g. on-going Diabetes treatment).

Students can choose to use the card without further formalities and claim reimbursement later, after their return home.

EEA and Swiss nationals however, would be well advised to join the Belgian Social Security system, which offers the possibility of immediate refunding of medical costs. The same card then guarantees membership at a very low cost. Bring an identity photo as well.

The membership may be requested by some Town Halls for the EEA and Swiss students who stay in Belgium for more than 3 months.

You are NOT a national of one of the countries of the European Economic Area nor Swiss

Period of stay < 3 months
  • Visa required: Health Insurance (covering a minimum of €30.000) was required by the Belgian Embassy to start your Visa procedure in your home country. This insurance covers all necessary needs.
  • No Visa required: Students will be required to show proof of pre- existing Health Insurance coverage valid in Belgium or agree to subscribe to a private Health Insurance in Belgium.
Period of stay > 3 months

There are four categories:

  • Students can join a Health Insurance scheme providing they are able to submit an official registration certificate delivered by our university. Public Health Insurance rates are around 20 euro/month.
  • Residents are eligible for insurance at low cost, providing they are living alone, have no taxable income and are able to show a document delivered by their municipality to prove that they have been granted the temporary status of legal resident. This means that students can switch to this status once they have obtained the temporary resident permit.
  • Foreign Workers in Belgium may have Health Insurance as part of their job-related Social Security benefits.
  • Other foreigners may be able to benefit from the Health Insurance of someone they happen to be living -officially- with. In this case, they are not allowed to have any revenue.

Having registered with the Health Insurance (Mutualiteit or Mutualité as it is called in Belgium), affiliates will receive proof of coverage, the documents for claiming refunds and possibly a plastic badge that entitles them to direct discounts at the pharmacy or hospital.


Other Insurances

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We strongly advise you to take third party liability insurance and travel assistance (PARTENA inclusive) insurance for the period of your stay. If you or your parents already have such an insurance, please check if it is valid in Belgium.

Your higher education institution can help you take out such an insurance called a Student Insurance Program (SIP).