Étudier en Belgique


Il y a des différents critères d’admission pour faire ses études. Le plus important est le baccalauréat ou quelque chose d’équivalent. Mais les notes, les connaissances de langue et l’expérience professionnelle peuvent aussi être pertinents.


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To study in Belgium, you need a general qualification for university entrance. Whether you start or continue your studies in Belgium, you should contact the university or higher education institution to gain further information about requirements and closing dates for applications. The application goes directly to the universities.

In Wallonia the admission for several study programs is limited since 2006 for students, who are not living in Belgium. This regards the bachelor programs veterinary medicine and Kinésithérapie et réadaptation (kinesiatrics and rehabilitation) as well as programs offered by the Haute Écoles. The number of students not living in Belgium who are allowed to sign in is reduced 30% of all students. You can find more information on the universities' websites.

If you want to study engineering you have to pass a special admission test. If you pass the test successfully, you are allowed to apply at any university and Haute École of the French community.

If you want to study medicine, you do not have to pass any test in Wallonia. Within the first year of study there is an evaluation and afterward there will be a selection of the best students. Only the best students are allowed to enter the second year.

At Fleming universities there are test for medicine and dentistry. Theses admission tests (Toelatingsexamen arts & tandarts) are required for all Belgian and foreign students. More information can be found here. Furthermore there are tests required for: nautical studies, audiovisual arts and fine arts, music and theatre.

The general admission requirement is the Flemish secondary school-leaving diploma. If a foreign qualification is recognised on the basis of a Flemish decree, Belgian Law, a European Directive or an international convention, the holder will have direct access to Bachelor programmes. Please contact the higher education institution or NARIC-Vlaanderen for more information.

Admission may also be granted, after individual assessment of your foreign qualification(s), if it gives access to higher education in your country.

Additional information

Entry examinations must be passed by any student who wants to take up studies in medicine or dentistry. More information on this can be found here

There are artistic competency tests to get admitted to art studies: Audiovisual and Fine arts and Music and Drama.

Most institutions require a proof of Dutch language proficiency for the programmes taught in Dutch and a preliminary language test for the programmes taught in another language. A teaching language test can be required.

Special admission requirements

Higher education institutions may adopt special admission requirements allowing to admit persons who cannot meet the general admission requirement.
These individual admission decisions must be based on:
  • humanitarian grounds;
  • medical, psychological or social grounds;
  • the individual education level of the student, assessed by the higher education institution.

Admission requirements for students holding a bachelor's degree

Students holding a bachelor's degree may be admitted to another bachelor's programme without having to take up the whole programme. These students will however still have to follow a programme of at least 60 ECTS credits.

The qualifying examinations take place at the higher education institution where you want to study. Contact the institution for the examinations dates.



Procédé d’admission

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Who wants to study in Wallonia has to apply for recognition of the certificate of qualification for university matriculation from the ministry of education. Excepted are Students who graduated from an European School or passed the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

To apply for recognition you need a certified copy of your final secondary-school certificate, a written letter of motivation and your birth certificate in original copy. Additionally you have to provide a proof of your paid administrative charges (€124). Detailed information can be found on the website Service Équivalences.

The documents have to hand in at the Walloon ministry of education either in person or by post. Closing date is the 15th July. However, it is recommended to hand in the documents as early as possible, preferably before the middle of March.


Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche scientifique de la Communauté française
Direction générale de l'enseignement obligatoire
Service d'équivalences

Address for visitors:
Rue Courtois, 4 - 1080 Bruxelles
Opening times: Monday till friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 16:00

Postal address:
Service des équivalences de l'enseignement obligatoire
Rue A. Lavallée, 1
1080 Bruxelles

For Flanders is true: Students who have the certificate of qualification for university matriculation and fulfil all other requirements can apply directly to the universities. Useful information about studying in Flanders can be found here.


Numerus clausus

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The language requirements vary from university to university. Therefore it is important to contact your university or institution as soon as possible to gain more information about that.

In Wallonia the knowledge of French has to be proofed through a test organised by the universities. This Examen de maîtrise de la langue française takes place two times per year. In addition the universities offer preparation courses for the language tests.

Dutch language skills can be detected through a language test, e.g. the Profiel Academische Taalvaardigheid (PAT) or the NT2-exam. Some higher education institutions offer language courses and tests. Useful information about admission requirements in Flanders can be found here.